Club Info


Match Registration on Practiscore

Monthly and special match registration is available on practiscore via the EWPSA club page.

Match Results

Matches are scored using Practiscore and all matches are listed with EWPSA in the title on Practiscore.

Special Event Details

Please visit the EWPSA facebook page for up to date event information.

Monthly Match Information

Monthly matches are 5-7 stages (less stages in winter) with a round count of up to 250 rounds.  One classifier is shot at each match.

Match fees are $20 for non TCSA members and $15 for TCSA members.  Juniors shoot for free.

New Shooters

New shooters are always welcome, please let us know you are a new shooter at registration and we will give you a new shooters briefing.  

Please Visit for information.

Sectional Match

EWPSA has hosted the Inland Empire Sectional annually since 2010.  This has typically been a 9-12 Stage match shot in one day with lunch provided in the match fee. Trophies are also awarded at this match.